I'll Put My Own Business In Your Hands.

The Exact Same Business That I Am Running And Earning A Full Time Income With.

In Fact, It's A Real-Time Mirror Image Synced Copy Of My Personal Business.



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I have created and sold tools that help people achieve a specific goal, I have created and sold training from beginner to advanced on how to put together a full profitable online business, but never did bother with making a "make money" type of product.

The reason I didn't was simple. I can't guess what anyone's skill level is, what their proficiency level is, what their work ethics are, what their budget limitations might be... And the list goes on and on.

That changed recently due to a very unpleasant experience...

I had worked until about 3 a.m. and went to bed. Everything was fine and I had had an extremely productive day.

About noon the next day I went back into my office excited to keep my momentum going and knock another big chunk of my project out.

All 3 monitor screens were black. Grrrr! I instantly thought that windows had pushed an update and shut down my system.


So I push the power button and waited... and waited... and waited. Nothing. Not a flicker.

A little thunderstorm had rolled through and lightening had hit the phone lines (I use DSL).

The power surge went through the phone line into the DSL modem, traveled down the cat5 cable and basically zapped the daylights out of my computer.

I had my electrical power sources protected, but not my cat5 cables. They were direct.

So there I was... A completely fried computer. I'm pretty well versed on computers so I knew what steps I needed to take in order to find all damaged parts and replace them.

The problem however was 2-fold. Not only did I have to get parts (4 hour round trip per occurrence) but it also took me an entire week to get the machine operable again, and another 2 days to get all of my programs and files recovered.

To say that I lost my momentum on my project would be an understatement.

Bear with me... I'll get to the big point soon.

So once I finally had everything back up and running again, I resolved to never let anything like that happen to me again.

I make great money on the net, I live a wonderful life and can't imagine living any other way, yet I had dropped the ball completely in terms of protecting my business from natural disaster.

So I decided to go with complete overkill... I added 3 more internal hard drives to my machine, and 2 external hard drives.

I fixed it so that the primary hard drive is mirrored by 2 other internal drives in real-time (a raid setup), and the 3rd internal drive is used for daily standard backups.

For the 2 external drives, 1 is used for real-time file backups, and the other basically mirrors the internal drive that holds daily backups.

So there I was... Complete protection. If anything happens now, it's just a matter of plugging in one of the other drives to carry on business as usual.

I was so pleased with what I had accomplished so I decided to create the same level of protection for my dedicated web server... It added quite a lot to my monthly cost, but then I'll never have to worry about losing my stuff again.



Still with me?...


What I had done here was basically setup my personal computer as well as my server to be constantly backed up and synced in real time at all times.

That's when it started to hit me... I make a great living online and have done so for many years, but as mentioned earlier I could never think of a way to seriously guarantee that someone would make money online unless they were doing the absolute exact same thing I was doing in every way (and I do mean exact).

It really started getting exciting at this point. I had just taken backups and real-time synced mirroring to a whole new level.

What would happen if I applied that same practice to my own business.

Think about it. If you have the exact same business model as I have, and I'm making a fulltime income from it, then it stands to reason that the same would be true for you. Right?

Unfortunately, not exactly.

Online businesses are not static things. You don't just put it together and then you're done. Not if you want to really make a career of it.

Your business has to continually evolve in order to continually thrive in an ever changing fast moving marketplace.

So, no. Just giving you a copy of my business isn't really a "done for you" solution. In fact, doing that basically just means that it's PLR.


Sure, you might (might being the operative term) be able to upload it and make all of the needed modifications, and it would make you a little money for a little while.

But there again... The market is still moving and if you don't have the skill set to keep up, then you get left behind and the business becomes useless and outdated, which also means the money dries up.

What I mean is - If I change something in my business in order to expand it's income, or if I modify some element in order to increase it's conversion, or I change out some product I'm promoting, then in real time your copy of my business would need to reflect those exact same changes so that you are still running my exact business model instead of an outdated business model.



That has now been achieved.

Now you can have my own exact business model synced in real time at all times.



Does it matter where I live? Not At All.


Do I need any experience? Not Really. Since I do all of the work on my own business and you're always using an exact copy of my business, pretty much the only thing you're going to need to do is send traffic to your business.


Where do I get the traffic? For me, I use paid traffic (solo ads to be exact). There are a number of reasons that solo ads are my primary traffic source, but let me break this down for you a bit.

If in my own business, I just have to send traffic to it and I make a full time income, then it seems reasonable that if you sent the exact same kind of traffic to your business, then you would get pretty much the same results that I get... Understand?


I either can't afford to buy traffic, or I just don't want to buy traffic, so is there any other options for me? Sure, it's your business, send traffic however you see fit.

If you just want to use free traffic methods, that's great, again, it's your own business so you get to make that choice on your own.

I use paid traffic because it's really fast and really easy. I don't like working any more than I need to, so I use paid traffic just to make my life easier.


Can I take a look at your actual business model? Sure you can. Head on over to http://interimincome.com/model.htm. (opens in a new window)

You'll see my whole business model. In fact, take the training that is provided there and go ahead and get your certification.

Doing so will add several additional layers of income for you simply because you will know what you're doing.


That model looks pretty great, and I went through the training, but it looks like I am going to need to know a lot of things in order to actually do this for myself.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. You are only thinking that right now because you still don't really understand the setup, so let me go ahead and explain that to you now.


Here's the gist of it...

It's safe to say that I am pretty knowledgeable in the Internet Marketing arena, and it's also safe to say that I enjoy a pretty solid reputation in this industry.

Why is that important to you? Because you get to use my experience and reputation fully to your own benefit.

What you are getting is that exact same business model. The exact same one.

However, instead of that being my opt-in form on the first page for people who signup for that course, it will be your own opt-in form, it will be you who gets those email addresses directly into your own aweber account.

And remember all of those links to various products that was soft promoted throughout the entire training series? Well, instead of those being my affiliate links, they will be your own affiliate links.

I'll expand on this part a bit more just to really let this hit you in the forehead with proper impact...

In that funnel, there are products that go through paypal and put instant money into your own paypal account, there is clickbank, which sends you a check every couple of weeks or does a direct wire into your bank account, and then there are some that send you checks in the mail, and then of course there are several layers of recurring commissions in there as well.

In other words, it's putting a constant stream of income into play that is spread out over multiple vendors, at multiple price points, with one-off sales as well as long term recurring products or services.

It provides complete income diversification from very well established vendors (some are even publically traded).

The safety and stability is second to none, and it's not by accident that it happened to work out this way.

Again - This is my income, and I protect my it using multiple levels of diversification, and always have money coming in from multiple directions both short term and long term.

You will of course enjoy those same protections and diversification.

I know that now you are really wondering how this is going to work out... Still not really clear to you.

Once you purchase, you are taken to a setup page. On that page you will receive instruction on setting up various affiliate accounts and becoming an affiliate for specific products.

You'll save all of your affiliate info into a text file... Along the way you'll receive instruction on how to setup your aweber list and extract a couple of bits of data that you'll be needing.

Once you have all of that data saved into your text file, you'll be provided with a username/password and link to open up a registration/setup page.

On that page, you'll follow instruction and plug all of the data from your text file into the setup page, and you'll save the page.

After you save that page, the system will use that information to create your entire business and give you a special URL.

That URL will be the gateway to your complete business. Your complete business is the exact model you viewed earlier when you went to interimincome.com/model.htm, but instead of my lead capture and affiliate links, it will be your own.

Now that you have your URL to your own business model, you'll follow it and go through each page to achieve 3 specific goals.

To become familiar with your own business layout.


To learn from your own business layout since the training provided there is extremely accurate and high-impact.


To verify that every link in your funnel is indeed and fact pointing toward your own affiliate links and displaying properly when clicked on.


Once those 3 objectives have been met and verified by you, there is nothing more for you to learn, there is no more work for you to do... Other than simply sending traffic to your business. (Hint. Your own business model actually teaches you how to send traffic most effectively.)

So, almost all in a single motion, you have an exact and continual real-time synced clone of my own entire business model, and I am the one responsible for keeping it updated and relevant at all times.

Your only job after the initial setup process is to send traffic to your business and watch your list grow, and money flow into your various accounts.




Now let's talk about what something like this is worth in real-world terms.

A complete business fully monetized, streamlined & maintained, that you are able to step into with basically no work at all, and with no experience at all, while knowing that the person who created it makes almost his entire full-time income using that very same business.

This is as close as you could ever possibly get to a true guaranteed almost instant income on the Internet.

I feel completely comfortable with pricing the Interim Income Model at $1,997. down payment and $297 per month, and feel that it is an absolute bargain for you considering that I also know for a fact that if you follow my training in conjunction with running your cloned & synced business model that you'll pull in more than $100,000 per year, year after year.

But that wouldn't be very cool of me would it? I mean, I worked you up, I have shown you that you could be in business today, literally within the next few hours, and that you could make more money than you have ever likely made before.

So I'll bite the bullet on this one and price it for you at a point that you simply can't walk away from.

I'll make it hurt a bit... After all, you have to get some skin in the game or you'll never treat it with the value and respect that you should.

I'm still going to work with you because I know that my own comfort level pricing is still a bit out of reach for the very people who need this setup the most.

So I'll go ahead and post my absolute lowest price now... And it will only go higher from here for people who do not take immediate advantage of this special limited time pricing.

There are 3 options available to you. Select the one that conforms most to your own financial situation and comfort level.










Remember, no experience required. The only thing you have to do is send traffic to your business (paid traffic is best). You are required to have an aweber account, and it is optional and completely up to you if you want your own domain name.


Another PS... Just In Case The First One Wasn't Enough!




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