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Here’s Your Chance To Join Me In The 7 Figure Income Earners Club!

​​​"Earn While You Learn ​​By ​​Tapping Into An Exact Clone Of ​My Current ​High-Income ​Automated Sales ​Machine"

​You Get SETUP INSTANTLY with EVERYTHING I use EVERYDAY to Make a Full-Time Living Online...

  • ​My L​anding Pages
  • ​My Sales Pages
  • ​My Products
  • ​My ​Funnels
  • ​My ​Traffic ​Sources
  • ​My ​Follow Up Offers
  • ​My ​Affiliate Offers

Disclaimer: I have no crystal ball! I cannot see into the future, and I do not posses any magical powers that I am aware of. For these reasons, I cannot in any way guarantee that you will ever make a single penny on the internet. This is a business productivity tool. No more or less. These are the same funnels that I use. As with any business of any type, there is always the risk of financial loss. Do not under any circumstances spend any money here if it is not true disposable income.


​“If You Can Point & Click​... You Have What It Takes to Launch Your Own ​​Autopilot, Money-Making Online Business (​​A​ ​Clone Of M​y High-Income Biz) in Under 5 Minutes…”

Hello Friend (and fellow wealth seeker),

Welcome to Interim Income Model!

My name is Cliff, and I'm the creator of the IIM System.

I’ve been a full-time In​ternet marketer for over two decades now and I've been “​successfully unemployed”​ since 1996.

I'm also a proud member of the 7-figure income earners club after earning over $1 Million Dollars online.

​YES! I really do know how to make a lot of money online.  

In fact, I make ​money online every single day ​using my IIM system, and that's why I'm so excited to be able to offer you the chance to test-drive ​my business AND PROFIT WITH IT ​​too.

​But before I get ahead of myself, ​​I want to ask you a couple of question to make sure we're both on the same page...

  1. Would you like to  ​"Earn While You Learn" by doing exactly what I do to make a full-time income online?
  2. ​Would you like to tap into the same “Product Vault” and traffic resources I use everyday to earn my full-time ​online?

  3. Are you willing to do the tedious part of setting up a business of this scale? 5-minutes will certainly get you into the funnels with full access to everything, but there are several mundane repetitive tasks that also must be completed if you want to take full advantage of the IIM system.  

If you answered YES to th​ese questions... then please keep reading... because things are about to get REAL EXCITING... REAL FAST!


​A Fun Fact About My IIM System...

I created the "Interim Income Model" ​just for ​YOU!

I wanted a simple, fast way for you to just plugin to my existing business, do exactly what I do, and ​hopefully see the same or similar results I see! ​

​Common sense would suggest that if you have the same products​, the same sales funnels​, and the same traffic methods I have... ​you should have the same or similar results... right?​

​I'm so confident in my system that I've slashed the price for membership into my money club by offer HUGE discounts to the first 100 members.  Don't miss out on this LIMITED TIME Opportunity!

Jump in, kick the tires, test some funnels using the free level, and see if this is right for you.  See if you find this system to be the best income opportunity of your lifetime!

So, ​​just follow my lead, EARN WHILE YOU LEARN, and let's see if ​I can help you make some serious money ​online!  


​“I​ Have Everything ​Al​ready Setup For You - ​It's Your ​'DONE-FOR-YOU-BUSINESS' That ​D​eposits ​Cash ​Right Into Your PayPal Account!”

​Interim Income Model is ​one of the EXACT Business​es ​I ​​operate ​everyday to build my own ​7-figure business, and I am literally handing it over to you!

​Everything is all pre-packaged, pre-configured and ready to make you money starting on day one.

​It REALLY is “Point, Click & Profit” Simple!

There are no ​niche'​ markets to research, no e-books to write, no audios to record, no videos to shoot, no sales copy to write, no graphics to create, no programming to outsource...

There is ​literally nothing for you to do except plugin and profit!

​Instant Setup (Less Than 5 Minutes) Means Faster Results!

​In less than 5 minutes, you'll have access to absolutely everything! -----Then, you'll need to do a bit of repetitive mudane tasks if you want to   ​take full advantage of the full IIM system.

That's right! All sales you ​make go directly into your PayPal account and all affiliate payouts go directly to you!  Can it get an easier than that?

In total, there are about 200 sales funnels instantly setup for you that are specifically designed to:

  • Build your email list on autopilot
  • Generate direct sales right into your own PayPal account
  • Pull in income as an affiliate.
  • Earn additional income from cross-sales
  • And everything is kept up to date and current for you.
  • No tech skills required!


My IIM System Takes Failure Out of the Equation and ​Gives You a "PROVEN" Business Model That's Already Profitable - A Real-Time Synced Clone of My Exact Business That I Still Operate ​Every Day!

"​This is all about helping you earn a solid online income within the next 30-60 days!"

​Really Think About Th​is...

​That means, the second I make that change in my own business, it is automatically reflected in your own business as well!

​For example...

​If I change some sales copy to increase conversions... your sales copy is automatically updated in real time too.

Or, if I find an affiliate offer that's converting well, I'll create a full funnel for it in order to automate my own work load.


That means the very second that I upload my new funnel, you have instant access to the exact same ​funnel too -- in real-time.

​My system's been TESTED and PROVEN

IT WORKS big time – EVERY TIME – ​all you do is follow the proven process I’m about to spoon-feed you!  

Remember, I use this SAME EXACT SETUP every single day!


Just Plug Into What I Have Already ​​Setup and Profiting...​ and You're ​On Your Way to ALL the SUCCESS You Deserve

I just want to reiterate... 

This is the SAME point, click and profit - easy-to-implement money getting system that not only I use to make money every single day, but it's the SAME process that thousands of others from around the world have successfully used to also change their lives!

You don’t need any previous skills, education or knowledge to make this work, period.

And this isn't something that I just "lucked into" that only worked once. 

My System NEVER fails me, EVER, and it continues to work like clockwork for the last 10 years PLUS.

Email list building on a level that will melt your mind. 

Big marketers struggle with this... But you won't!

Direct product sales income... The product comes with the funnel and it's automatically delivered.

You just kick back and get paid directly into your PayPal Account

Automated affiliate income.

You have wondered how the big players do it...

Now YOU ARE the Big Player!

Everything is ​Here for ​You...

Just follow a few simple instructions, fli​p the switch... and you're in business...​ TODAY!

And let me reassure you... these aren't some cheap offers you'd be embarrassed to offer your customers.  No way! I know you're better than that!

These are proven products that fill hungry voids in one of the hottest markets online... "THE INTERNET MARKETING NICHE".

You'll finally have an arsenal of high-quality products covering hot topics that people are desperately searching for every day online... and that means more money in your pocket more often!

Imagine having a virtual unlimited supply of high-quality products on hot topics like these:

  • Sales Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinar Marketing

  • ​Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Client Acquisition
  • ​YouTube Marketing
  • ​Branding and Design


You Get SETUP INSTANTLY with EVERYTHING I use EVERYDAY to Make a Full-Time Living Online...

  • ​My Landing Pages
  • ​My Sales Pages
  • ​My Products
  • ​My Funnels
  • ​My Traffic Sources
  • ​My Follow Up Offers
  • ​My ​Affiliate Offers
  • ​And Much More


  • No Tech Headaches...
  • No Hosting Required...
  • No Design ​Skills Needed...

​"No Matter Where You're Starting From Right Now, You Can Quickly and Ethically "Cut The Line" In Front Of Everyone Else - Shaving Months (EVEN YEARS) Off Your Learning Curve"

That's the best part about a "DONE-FOR-YOU" business model...

​You don’t need any previous skills, education or knowledge to make this work, period.

Soup-to-Nuts You Get It All!


​But Cliff... What About Traffic ​For My Offers?

​"I'​m Also Revealing Two of My Closely-Guarded 'Go-To' Traffic Sources That I Use ​Every Day to Drive Unlimited Amounts of INSTANT, Highly Targeted Traffic to My Websites and Offers"

Again... Do exactly what I do and you should see the same or similar results!

Now, I want to be totally transparent and perfectly clear with you.

Th​ese ​are paid traffic sources.  I LOVE paid traffic and use it virtually every day.  

Think about this...

If you could spend $1.00 to earn $3.00... wouldn't you spend as many advertising dollars as you could possibly afford to spend ​for that kind of return on your investment?

Of course you would!  AND YOU SHOULD.

​Paid traffic is the best way to get highly-targeted traffic to your offers  instantly.  There's no other advertising medium that can offer quicker results for your business.

​Again... do ​what I do and you should see similar results!

​O​kay Cliff​, I'm Ready To Get Started... What's The Next Steps?

​​PREMIERE L​EVEL  - $​127.00/Month​

Launch Price Only - Subject To Increase to $297/month Once Launch Ends

​PREMIERE Level​ comes with over 200 proven funnels!

It has a mix of short form lead generation funnels, long form lead/sales funnels, affiliate funnels.

You set the amount you want to sell the product for, enter your PayPal email address and the system creates the "buy button" so that all sales go directly to your own PayPal account (for the inbuilt products) Affiliate products of course set their own pricing, but we have the best of the best there too.

​Your options here are so massive that it is almost unthinkable to have access and not make money.

​Obviously there are well over 100 additional money making opportunities,as well as higher money making opportunities that are exclusive to PREMIERE level.

​​PREMIERE will always be updated automatically & instantly with any/all funnels I use.


Do you really use this EXACT system everyday to make money?

​Yes I really do!  That's why I created this system.  I know that I make money with my IIM system everyday so common sense tells me if you do exactly as I do you should make money with the same system too.  Obviously I cannot guarantee you'll make any money, but nothing can guarantee this.

Do you provide training on how to set everything up?

​Yes there is a complete set of training videos in the members area you can easily follow to setup your account.  I've made the system very easy to setup so you shouldn't have any problem at all.

Do I need to know how to setup these offers or web pages?

Absolutely NOT!  I've created this automatic plug and play system so anyone - no matter what skill level - can just enter some basic information in their admin panel and have a completely ready to go business setup in less than 5 minutes that's already been proven to work. If you plan to take full advantage of the IIM system, there is a bit of additional work to do in the form of mundane and repetitive tasks, but it shouldn't take you too long - It's all easy.

Do I have to have my own domain name or web hosting?

​Heck No!  I've taken care of everything for you.  All you need is an active PayPal account so you can collect payments direct from your customers, and a grip of affiliate links (i'll show you those).

Will you teach me how to get traffic to my website offers?

​Once again, I believe if you do just as I do you should see the same or similar results.  I use two main sources for traffic daily.  I share both of these resources with you in the members area admin training.  These are high quality targeted leads you can purchase daily.  The same sources I use.  You can also use any traffic sources or methods of your own.  Your opportunities are limitless.

What's required from me?

  • Need a bunch of domains for your funnels? - Nope! You don't need any.
  • Need extreme web hosting for your funnels - Nope! You don't need any.
  • What do I need to learn, is it a lot? - Nope! Not much of anything.
  • Do I need a mailer or autoresponder? - Nope! But you'll likely make a lot more money if you do have one.

What will I need to do?

Really, other than filling some basic information (like your name, email, affiliate links etc,.) that will be used in your funnels to personalize them to you specifically, all that you will need to do is send traffic to the funnels you want to promote.  You can use my recommended traffic sources or your own.  You will also need to fill out some basic info to connect your PayPal account so you can receive payments.

Can I make a million dollars like you?

​The reality is, I don't know you or your work ethic.  I don't know how serious you are about making a full-time income online. What I can tell you is my system has the capabilities to provide unlimited income opportunity to anyone who follows my lead and works hard to achieve their goals.  But even if you don't make a million dollars... would $1000 extra per month change your financial situation?  How about an extra $5,000 per month?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so give it a shot.  I have done everything I can to provide you wiith the exact system you need to succeed.  The question is... will you take advantage of it and join me?

I am so confident that having your own real-time synced clone of my own business can change your life that I am going to provide a ​100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

​Give it a try, build your list, make a little money along the way and just ​get a good, overall feel of what you have your hands on!

​Remember... just follow my lead with an exact clone of my business and I'm confident you'll see the results you're looking for!

If you find my IIM system isn't the best money-making system you'll ever find, just let me know and I'll gladly assist you in cancelling your membership! *Read Customer Agreement For Complete Terms*


​You Either Realize This ​Is ​An Amazing Opportunity or You Don't.  Either Way is Fine With Me.  I'll Still Be Making Money Tomorrow With My IIM System...

T​HE BIG QUESTION IS... Will You Be Joining Me?

Think about this for a moment... you're at a crossroad right now.  You can choose to do nothing... ​and that's exactly what you'll get in return. ​ Or you can choose to put some faith in me and my system and see where it can take you.  

What do you have to lose?

Think about what your life could be like if you were able to make a full time income online.  How much better could your life be?

  • No more nasty alarm clock...
  • No boss telling you what to do
  • More time freedom for yourself and your family
  • No worrying about how to pay the bills

Imagine tomorrow is completely changed.  You wake up, spend a little time on yourself, then head to your computer to start your work day.

You hit send and receive on your email and you see:

  • Notification of payment received...
  • Congratulations... another sale!
  • You've made an affiliate commission
  • PayPal payment received
  • Notification of sale

​"For those of us who truly know how to make money online ​using systems like IIM to automate ​our cash flow... thi​s isn't a ​dream.. ​it's ​expected!"

Listen, I have been where you are. I know how it is - I get it.

You may have been trying to break into this business for a very long time, yet you always spend money but rarely (if ever) make any.

I believe I can change that. No, I can't guarantee it, but I feel like if you are doing exactly what I am doing, with the exact same things I am doing it with, then you should have exceptionally high odds of achieving at least some level of what I have been achieving for the past 20 plus years.

I have been watching people trying to clone the IIM system for years, and they always fail miserably and end up hurting their customers.

The reason is simple to me. It is because they are focused on you making money for them rather than them ​helping you make money.

It may seem like a subtle play on words, but it is actually very potent. I built IIM to make YOU, the user, money.

​Hope to see you on the inside!

​Your friend Cliff!

​P.S. Don't forget I'm offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so everyone can try out my system and see if it's the right tool for you. ​Remember, you're getting an exact clone of my current business I use everyday to make my living online.  Just follow my lead and do what I do and I'm confident you'll see amazing results for yourself as well!

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*Disclaimer: I have no crystal ball! I cannot see into the future, and I do not posses any magical powers that I am aware of. For these reasons, I cannot in any way guarantee that you will ever make a single penny on the internet. This is a business productivity tool. No more or less. As with any business of any type, there is always the risk of financial loss. Do not under any circumstances spend any money here if it is not true disposable income.

YES CLIFF!  Set me Up With A TRIAL Account! x